The VAT Submitter Test Application let’s you see the processes involved with MTD VAT submission without needing to actually submit a return. This is beacuse the application interacts with the HMRC Sandbox Environment.

This environment has some considerable limitations and so there are some differences between the teat app and the live version.

Things to note:

1. When you first run the application a test user and company will be created for the Sandbox. In the live version you will need to set up your own user and record your organisations VAT Registration Number (VRN).

2. The HMRC Sandbox does not enable a full follow through process – i.e. you can’t submit a return, mock a payment and see an updated status as each call to the Sandbox ALWAYS returns exactly the same data.

3. In this application when you click an update button – for example on Liabilities or Payments you will get a list of options that will let you choose the type of response you want to replicate.

4. When you want to complete a VAT return then leaving the ‘use CSV’ checkbox unchecked will just load some default values. In the live version you will not have this option.

The installer will create 2 short cuts in your menu: one will always provide a clean start – i.e. it will act as if you have just installed the application.

click here to download the installer